Hi, I’m Tanner Reklaitis, the host of The 14:12 Podcast. My life was forever changed when I had an encounter with God on my first mission trip back to Philadelphia in the summer of 2009. My life further changed during the summer of 2012 when I realized that God was still capable of using ordinary men and women to bring the Kingdom to Earth through things like healing, miracles, tongues, and prophecy. On this podcast, we tell stories of regular people who are experiencing the supernatural nature of God in their everyday lives.

It is my hope that through listening to this podcast, you will be encouraged to press in for Jesus to be more active in your life. I want to encourage you that you can have as much of him as you want.

Thank you so much for checking out the website. If you want to get in contact with me, you can email me at through the contact page. Thanks again!

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