Hi! I’m Tanner, former baseball player and current writer, baseball trainer, and sales professional.

Like you, I am always looking for ways to become better and have dove into many self-help books seeking to do so. Unfortunately, this information has more often led me to deep frustration than freedom. The things that were promised to free me up and create a more productive me instead led me into extreme anxiety. After two meltdowns in three days, I decided that I needed to stop organizing my life around the advice of men and women who are not connected to Jesus.

I have found that God has a lot to say about how we can organize our life to become truly successful in the Kingdom of God. I believe that the Bible is the ultimate self-help book and that the Holy Spirit is the best keynote speaker on the subject.

On this website, I write one article each week looking into an area of self-improvement and analyzing it through the lens of Christian faith.

Come and join me as we reclaim self-help for the sake of our sanity.

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