The Deliberate Month

So, I’ve taken an interest in golf.

Recently, I had an idea.

What if I only played one more round of golf in 2018?

And what if I practiced as much as possible between now and then?

I don’t just mean going to the range and hitting balls hoping things just get sorted out. I mean real practice. Some call it deliberate practice.

Deliberate practice is difficult. The challenges of deliberate practice are equal or greater than what we would face out on the course. It is engaging as we are faced with a new challenge at every step. No longer is it simply about buying a large bucket of balls and hitting 7 irons until you finally stripe 3 in a row. Deliberate practicioners (Is that right?) seek out areas where they can grow and challenge their skill in that area. There are infinite ways to do this, and I will be using resources like Better Faster by Corey Lundberg and Matt Wilson, The Strike Plan & The Practice Manual by Alex Young, and all of Cordie Wilson’s work at The Golf Science Lab to inform my practice sessions.

Depending on the weather, I may be able to get a lot of practice in. Either way, I’m excited to get better at this sport that has drawn me in.

Moving On

I’ve come to realize something.

No matter how much I ignore it, I will never be able to move on.

We all have that thing.

That thing that made you, you…and me, me.

That past thing you can’t shake.

It’s neither good nor bad; it’s just who you were.

Habits of old, why won’t you leave me?

I still catch myself doing dry throws in public places.

I’ve come to realize something.

I will never be able to move on.

And that’s okay.

The Uncommon Man

An animal has one goal in mind, “Survive.” It is satisfied when it accomplishes this goal in any manner. A successful hunt means another day above ground. Predator versus prey. Mere survival.

But we humans are not animals. We have a higher goal. Deep down, we have an innate desire to thrive. Yes, this is what we were born for. The common man shoves this innate desire so far down because he fears it. He fears what would happen if he dared to strive for something greater, so he bites the hook that seeks to reel him in to a life called “Average”. How pitiful it is that the common man all too often lowers himself to the existence of an animal.

The uncommon man cannot settle for average. At some point, he realizes that he too has bit the hook and is getting reeled in to a system where he will be like every other survivor. The voice of well-meaning people past echo in his mind. He fights these toxic thoughts.

He was unfortunate. He was never given the opportunities. Everyone else got lucky. Of course he was the unlucky one. If only he could have been born into the uncommon man’s position.


The uncommon man rips the hook out of his mouth. Blood gushes from his lips but the uncommon man does not care. He will walk around with a hole in his mouth for the rest of his life if that means he does not live as the common man. Finally free from people’s folly, blood dripping to the ground, the uncommon man takes the first step of a life well-lived.

Who knows where this journey will take the uncommon man?

I fear that I am the common man.

Brandon Hayes | The 14:12 Podcast | Episode 3

Day 3 of launch week features my good friend Brandon Hayes. Brandon was the leader of a young adults group I attended during my first two years at Trinity Christian College. He is an entrepreneur who started his own company, Kalos Consulting in the spring of 2015. He has an amazing story and I am so glad to share some of what I have learned from him with you!

In this episode, Brandon’s teaching gift is on display. God has placed in him an intense desire to know the deep truths of the Word and I love what he shares with all of us about the gift of God being the Holy Spirit. I pray this increases your hunger for the gift of Himself and that it encourages you to seek Him diligently.

Chad Johnson | The 14:12 Podcast | Episode 2

For the second episode of launch week, I got to sit down for an interview with Chad Johnson. Chad founded Come&Live, a ministry that sees God moving powerfully through the music industry as well as around the world. He also self-published a book called One Thousand Risks that shares his experiences in taking over 1,000 risks in the name of Jesus.

One thing I loved about this interview is how real Chad was about some of the struggles of taking these risks. I asked him how he fought against the temptation to make risk-taking his identity and I loved what he had to say. As people with selfish pasts, it’s easy to make displays of God’s love about us, but that is not what we are called to. The Holy Spirit puts the things of the flesh to death so that the world may see Christ in us through the Holy Spirit.

GIVEAWAY! Leave a review of the podcast wherever you listen to the show and send me a screenshot of the review at by February 28, 2018. You will be entered into a drawing to win 1 of Chad’s books. There will be 4 winners and I am so excited for those who will receive this book. I pray that your lives will never be the same again after reading it and learning about what the Holy Spirit wants to do with your life!

To learn more about Chad, visit his website.

AJ Ohsberg| The 14:12 Podcast | Episode 1

I am so excited to share the very first interview of The 14:12 Podcast with you. The first guest is an awesome guy by the name of AJ Ohsberg. AJ is the man behind @EdgyChristianMemes on Instagram. His life was forever changed when he had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit on his 20th birthday and has an amazing heart to help other people have a deeper relationship with the Lord.

One thing that really stuck out to me during my conversation with AJ was when he shared his thoughts on “judging the fruit” of an encounter. He really caused a shift in my thinking to turn from skepticism to love regarding other people’s relationship with the Lord. I believe you will be equally blessed by what he has to say!

Check out the interview below or listen to it on your favorite podcasting app by searching “14:12 Podcast”:


Google Play:…


Introducing The 14:12 Podcast

Hey! I am so glad to tell you about my new podcast launching on February 21, The 14:12 Podcast.

This podcast exists to help you represent Jesus well in your everyday life.

Every Wednesday, a new interview will be posted with someone who is living out Jesus’ words in John 14:12: “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.” While it is easy to want to connect with those who have large ministries and are featured on Christian TV everywhere, I want you to be encouraged by the stories of those who are lesser-known and are just doing what they can to be faithful to Jesus.

I am so excited to release 5 episodes starting next Wednesday, February 21, 2018!

Release Schedule (All times CST):

February 21, 7 AM: AJ Ohsberg Interview

February 22, 7 AM: Chad Johnson Interview

February 23, 7 AM: Brandon Hayes Interview

February 24, 7 AM: Matt Boyce Interview

If this is exciting to you, I want to hear from you. Send me an email at and tell me what you’re looking forward to or would like to hear!

God bless you!