Brandon Hayes | The 14:12 Podcast | Episode 3

Day 3 of launch week features my good friend Brandon Hayes. Brandon was the leader of a young adults group I attended during my first two years at Trinity Christian College. He is an entrepreneur who started his own company, Kalos Consulting in the spring of 2015. He has an amazing story and I am so glad to share some of what I have learned from him with you!

In this episode, Brandon’s teaching gift is on display. God has placed in him an intense desire to know the deep truths of the Word and I love what he shares with all of us about the gift of God being the Holy Spirit. I pray this increases your hunger for the gift of Himself and that it encourages you to seek Him diligently.

Chad Johnson | The 14:12 Podcast | Episode 2

For the second episode of launch week, I got to sit down for an interview with Chad Johnson. Chad founded Come&Live, a ministry that sees God moving powerfully through the music industry as well as around the world. He also self-published a book called One Thousand Risks that shares his experiences in taking over 1,000 risks in the name of Jesus.

One thing I loved about this interview is how real Chad was about some of the struggles of taking these risks. I asked him how he fought against the temptation to make risk-taking his identity and I loved what he had to say. As people with selfish pasts, it’s easy to make displays of God’s love about us, but that is not what we are called to. The Holy Spirit puts the things of the flesh to death so that the world may see Christ in us through the Holy Spirit.

GIVEAWAY! Leave a review of the podcast wherever you listen to the show and send me a screenshot of the review at by February 28, 2018. You will be entered into a drawing to win 1 of Chad’s books. There will be 4 winners and I am so excited for those who will receive this book. I pray that your lives will never be the same again after reading it and learning about what the Holy Spirit wants to do with your life!

To learn more about Chad, visit his website.

AJ Ohsberg| The 14:12 Podcast | Episode 1

I am so excited to share the very first interview of The 14:12 Podcast with you. The first guest is an awesome guy by the name of AJ Ohsberg. AJ is the man behind @EdgyChristianMemes on Instagram. His life was forever changed when he had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit on his 20th birthday and has an amazing heart to help other people have a deeper relationship with the Lord.

One thing that really stuck out to me during my conversation with AJ was when he shared his thoughts on “judging the fruit” of an encounter. He really caused a shift in my thinking to turn from skepticism to love regarding other people’s relationship with the Lord. I believe you will be equally blessed by what he has to say!

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